The dairy

Magic with milk and rennet

The dairy is the most hidden part of Agritur El Mas, as well as our latest arrival. Together with the kitchen, this is the place where the magic happens, and which allows us to complete our dairy supply chain cycle.

Here, every day, Michelangelo and the cheesemaker Peter treat our cow’s milk to then turn it into delicious cheeses, many of which are raw-milk cheeses. We are one of the 5 dairies in Trentino who produce the Puzzone di Moena PDO. What makes our Puzzone different is that it is 100% made of our cows’ Grey Alpine milk, recognized as Slow Food Presidium for its high quality.

For those who love strong cheeses we recommend Nostrano del maso and Formai dal Bait, while Fior di panna, Fresco Dolce and Grey Alpine Stracchino are meant for the delicate palates. The true cheese connoisseurs shouldn’t forget to try Moena Blu, the blue cheese made in Val di Fassa. All products that made us protagonists of the Dolomites Cheese Route are for sale at El Mas, at our shop El Cajelo.