El Cajelo

El Cajelo shop, from us to you

Take home a mouth-watering souvenir from Agritur El Mas, one which you enjoyed the most and which you want to savour again at home and share with your friends and family.

You can buy our products directly at El Cajelo, our only sales point.  There, you’ll also find other gastronomic gems from our territory.

Our products wouldn’t taste as good if you hadn’t met us and heard our story: that’s why it is important that you come visit us, to see and feel what makes them so special and get to know Peter, our cheesemaker and Michelangelo, our friendly landlord.

In short, a purchase based on producer-to-consumer philosophy.  In other words, from us to you.

Shopping tips: our cheeses of course,
but that’s not all…

Shopping tips: our cheeses of course, but that’s not all…

Our recommendations for delicious souvenirs:

  • Puzzone di Moena PDO. With a minimum aging period of 90 days our Puzzone is made with 100% raw Grey Alpine milk, known for its high quality.
  • We produce many tasty cheeses, including strong ones such as Nostrano del Maso, best enjoyed by itself, Formai dal Bait, usually coupled with polenta, and milder varieties like Fior di Panna, matured Caciotta, Fresco Dolce or Grey Alpine Stracchino. One special tidbit is Moena Blu, our mountain blue cheese.
  • Giardiniera del Mas and Sauerkraut, made with vegetables from our garden.
  • Speck del Mas, extra flavorful, with that bit pink fat that makes it soft and delicious. It melts in your mouth.
  • Milk in traditional glass bottles, yogurt and cream for your breakfasts.
  • Our Milk Grappa and Fregolòti cake are excellent gift ideas, as are our mustards and homemade jams.
  • Grey Alpine Ragù, a sauce that will turn your pasta into a real masterpiece.

Opening days and hours of our shop El Cajelo:

  • Open every day except Monday
  • Opening hours 8.30 – 15.30 / 17.00 – 22.00