Open-door barn

Make friends with our animal friends

The beating heart of Agritur El Mas are our animals, which include Grey Alpine cows (Slow Food presidium), honey-coloured Haflinger horses with blond manes, as well as goats, pigs, donkeys and hens which give us fresh eggs every day.

Ota, our faithful Saint Bernard, is the supervisor of the four-legged crew and will welcome you at the door of her little wooden house, right next to the stable, as well as school you the art of relaxation and of doing nothing.

The barn is Michelangelo‘s realm. He knows his animals better than anyone and will be happy to tell you about their features and qualities during enjoyable guided tours.

The barn is always open and is visible even from the inside of our restaurant, thanks to a large window.

If you visit us at the right time (usually late in the afternoon), you can watch milkings and learn about the differences between modern and traditional techniques.