El Mas cuisine


The wooden door of Agritur El Mas opens thanks to a nifty mechanism made from a small milk can that moves up and down.  After opening the door, you will find yourself in front of a fireplace, often lit.  Instantly, you’ll feel the warmth of the mountain atmosphere.

To us, details make the difference, and this philosophy is reflected in our kitchen.

The boss in our kitchen is young chef Stefano, a curious innovator who never stops experimenting, but always remains faithful to Ladin tradition and its local raw materials. In his plates he skilfully combines our farm products, such as cheeses, meats, cold cuts and vegetables from our garden to create perfect concoctions.


Our Mountain Carbonara is an excellent example of innovation merged with tradition.  It’s a dish in which smoked trout is added to speck to enhance the flavour of the Monograno Pache, a high-quality pasta produced locally at the Felicetti Pasta Factory.  More traditional dish options are our Tris of Canederli or our ricotta gnocchi.

The Taglieri del Maso, our cheese and cold cuts platters with mustards and homemade sauces, taste decidedly as good as they look and are a great starter for a lunch or dinner with friends.  The undisputed protagonist of the carving board is our Puzzone di Moena PDO, a cheese made in our small dairy with the milk of our Grey Alpine cows, for sale in our shop, El Cajelo.

Every day, in addition to the must-try dishes such as Piatto El Mas or the exquisite pork shank, we offer new seasonal suggestions, Chef’s specialties or dishes designed especially for food and wine events. Our dishes are impeccably described and presented by our very faithful friend Luigi (to his friends Mani).  Luigi is far more than just a waiter: he’s also an aide to the tireless women of the house, Barbara and Sara.  Along with all the staff, they make up the true soul Agritur El Mas.

When visiting El Mas don’t miss the desserts, ranging from classics, such as Strudel, Sacher and Linzer cake to our dairy-based desserts made with our milk, cream or butter.

Menu adaptability is very important to us, and that’s why gluten-free and vegetarian options are always available.

All our tasty dishes can be enjoyed in our wooden dining room, or in the outdoor area with a splendid view of the village of Moena. For special occasions you can reserve our exclusive eighteenth-century wooden parlour.  It seats ten and is ideal for an evening with friends or for a family celebration.