Welcome to Agritur el Mas

Your mountain farm in the Fassa Dolomites

If you are a fan of farm-to-table philosophy, we have what you are looking for. Because here at Agritur El Mas everything is grown and produced locally!

In our farmhouse, you can observe dairy production firsthand, beginning in the barn with our Grey Alpine cows, all the way through to the end result: our tasty cheeses.

Your welcome committee will consist of the Croce family and its trusted collaborators, including Ota, a friendly Saint Bernard and expert in the art of relaxation and of doing absolutely nothing!

You will quickly realize that you have found yourself in a young, dynamic micro-economy, replete with innovation and characterized by family hospitality and a cuisine that combines tradition and practice with a strong link to the culture of the area it overlooks: the village of Moena, Fairy Godmother of the Dolomites, at the gateway of Val di Fassa.

All the ingredients for a magical experience are here… and at Agritur El Mas the magic actually comes true!

El Mas cuisine

Our ingredients range from cheeses to cold cuts, as well as vegetables from our garden.  In our kitchen these are the protagonists, expertly prepared under the artistic direction of Stefano, our young, passionate family chef.  An exquisite mix of creativity and Latin culinary tradition which follows the rhythm of the seasons, it offers must-have dishes and delicacies not to be missed. All our dishes can be enjoyed in the cosy wooden dining room of our farm, with a crackling fireplace and a view into the barn, or on our lawn overlooking Moena and the Fassa Dolomites.

Staying at el Mas

Eight cosy rooms with the pleasant scents of wood and hay await you for moments of rest and relaxation.  Upon waking up in the morning, you will find your El Mas breakfast in a basket, where the aroma of freshly baked bread will greet you, along with milk and butter from our cows and our homemade jams. Outside your room the breath-taking landscape of Val di Fassa awaits you with the replenishing view of meadows, woods and mountains.

El Cajelo, the shop

From us to you. This is our slogan, conveying out promise to always offer you the finest products, ready to be enjoyed in your home or as delicious edible souvenir gifts.  Initially, our shop was conceived as a sales point for our small dairy – hence the Latin name – but it also contains other local products from companies whose philosophy is in line with ours: high quality raw materials, combined with a passion for good things.

Open-door barn

The production chain of our farm begins in the barn. Here, cows, pigs, goats, donkeys and horses co-exist harmoniously.  The barn is always open because we want you to see and get to know the beating heart of our farm and make friends with our animals.  From the restaurant, you will always be able to look into the barn, thanks to a large window, providing a real show that will make you forget your smartphone and tablet for a while.

El Mas experiences

“If I listen, I forget, if I see I remember, if I do, I learn.” At Agritur El Mas you become the protagonist of rural life through guided tour experiences, product tasting, cooking classes and educational farm activities.  We also offer you the chance to experience Val di Fassa while riding our MTB bikes.  At Agritur El Mas you can also find an electric car and bike charging station, as well as an exclusive helicopter landing strip on which you can land, and from which you can take off on a spectacular helicopter tour of the Dolomites.

Our facilities in Moena