The restaurant

Dining at El Mas

Discovers the flavours of Moena and Val di Fassa.

Exploring Val di Fassa while on holiday in Moena is also exploring the products that this location offers. The idea of El Mas is for you to know Moena and our farm also through your sense of taste. Accommodate yourself at our table and immerse yourself in the flavours of Moena.

Enjoy our simple, genuine homemade products such as cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and various cold meats. Other products, can be found on the table, from Trentino, like wine and cheeses from local dairies such as the renowned ‘’Puzzone di Moena’’ which is a must at the table of this agritur.

A restaurant of the past

Entering the restaurant of El Mas will take you back in time. The Trentino larch wood structure is based on an 18th century house with a central fire place that adds to the warm atmosphere of the room.

Some original features in the restaurant include viewing windows  into the stable and into rooms storing the maturing cheeses and meats.


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